Outdoor Advertising Sites

Our billboard sites are located right in the thick of this commuting place of congestion which makes Billboard advertising a unique & powerful way to expose your business. Billboards are enormous and it’s growing and the reason it’s growing is because it works.

Tauranga Sites

Site AS5 Main intersection (Marsh & Chapel Street intersection) – This site is a goodie, Vehicles are stopped or slow moving at the lights as they head into.

Site AS6 – (Chapel Street) This site is another goodie as vehicles are stopped or slow moving at the lights @ this intersection heading out of Tauranga CBD.


Site AS7 – Freestanding (Chapel & Marsh Street Intersection) Exposure to commuters travelling into Tauranga CBD.

Mount Maunganui Sites

Site AS1 & AS3 (Hewletts Road Flyover) Mount Maunganui – very prominent sites as commuters travel directly towards them from a long way back (Floodlit for 24/7 exposure).
Hewletts Road flyover heading towards bayfair.
Site AS8 is our newest site placed strategically along Hewletts Road. This site is viewable by Commuters travelling up and over the flyover or straight along Hewletts Road.

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