Terms & Conditions

Outdoor Advertising Agreement Terms and Conditions


Bookings: All bookings require this agreement to be signed & returned to Attention Seekers via email

Please Note: The installation of banner skin will not be installed until the signed agreement has been received by Attention Seekers.

Payment Terms / Deposits: A $200 (non-refundable) deposit is payable upon confirmation of this booking. All deposits are required within 3 days upon receiving this agreement, as invoiced. Deposits are then deducted from your account when due. Full payment is required on the 20th of the same month as advertising.

Attention Seekers accepts no responsibility for the advertising material while installed on its site.

Unless advised otherwise, in writing, used billboard skins are stored free of charge for 3 months and then disposed of. Attention Seekers accepts no responsibility for any damage incurred while banner skin is in storage.

Attention Seekers reserves the right to remove the advertising at any stage if required to do so by the landowner, council or any other local body or authority, should this occur Attention Seekers will endeavour to find a suitable replacement site, which meets with the advertiser’s approval. If unsuccessful the advertiser may terminate this contract without penalty.

Attention Seekers cannot guarantee individual exclusive advertising rights on any billboard hoarding within the same location of other advertisers.

Banner skin & Installation: The printing of the banner skin and installation forms part of this agreement.

Weather: Installation may be delayed due to weather conditions; however we will endeavour to have installation occur upon clearing forecasts.

Cancellation: The advertiser / client will pay the full amount as per what month/s & site/s were confirmed (and quoted). However if cancelled – and another advertiser is found, at a lesser monthly rate then the advertiser named above will be invoiced for the difference. Plus a $200 fee will be charged.

Agreed extension of advertising – This agreement will remain in place for any repeat advertising extended beyond the initial quote. The cancellation clause also remains in place until your rental expiries (whether verbally discussed or in written).

Urgent removals: If the banner is to be removed upon the request of the agency/advertiser before the removal date, a charge is payable of $250.00.

Unpaid Accounts: All unpaid accounts will incur late payment fees and collection costs.

Prices quoted are + GST

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