Frequently Asked Questions

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What other costs are there?

Banner skin – This displays your ad on our billboard sites and is printed onto a pvc banner material. Your skin is re-usable on any site

Installation – Your skin is installed by our specialised installers via a staple finish via cherrypicker access

Who designs my ad?

We have exceptional designers who are skilled at this. We charge a flat rate @ $150 or you can supply your own artwork.

What are the Artwork Specs?

Supply at finished size being 6 x 3 metres (or if bleed is required 6.1 x 3.1 metres).

High Res pdf

Can be supplied at 25% or 10% of actual size if the file is too big to email.

Can I change a message on my ad?

Yes, if you are advertising an event or a Sale & Promotion we can add a removable graphic / slash or something bright across the skin to stand out.

How long does it take to print my skin and install it on the billboard site?

We pride ourselves on offering an overnight service from when we receive final signoff (if received by 3pm) We can print and install within 24 hours (weather permitting).

How long do you recommend to advertise?

We always recommend a minimum of two months – This is because it gives the commuter (or your buying audience) the time to absorb your ad.

Can we move locations?

Yes, this also keeps your business fresh and informative to the passer by and by moving around gives better impact for your business within a new area of commuters creating another round of new visuals.

How many times can I re-use my skin?

We can install your skin up to 3-4 times over the coming year before it starts wearing. However don’t let it become stale.

What happens to the skin if I’m not using it anymore?

The skin is yours to keep if you want it. If you will not be re-using it within the coming few months we either destroy it or you collect it. Skins are stored folded so can be easily picked up in your car boot.

How do I confirm a booking?

Phone or email your confirmation, it’s easy peasy from here…we send through an agreement Ring today advertise tomorrow its that easy.

Payment terms

A $200 (non-refundable) deposit per site / month booked is payable upon confirmation of booking. The balance is then payable on the 20th of the same month as placement of advertising. Payment Plans is available upon request.

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