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Static, Digital, Buses, Trailers & Charities

Static Sites

We can book you on any site through-out the BOP area as we have a great rapport and behind the scenes knowledge within our industry as we also work alongside other suppliers with their sites, which are scattered throughout Tauranga, the Mount and including TePuke.

All Site Locations – static sites (mixture of 6m x 3m and 12m x 3m sites)

  • Bethlehem Shopping Centre x3
  • Takitimu Drive Expressway (by Koromiko Street) x2
  • Tukutamu Drive (by Marsh & Chapel Street) x2
  • Chapel & Marsh Street (one of the main intersections into Tauranga) x3
  • Dive Cres x1
  • Hewletts Road (cnr Jean batten drive)x3
  • Hewletts Road (northern end) x2
  • Maunganui Road (north of Hewletts Road) x2
  • Maunganui Road (south of Hewletts Rd) x3
  • Bayfair shopping centre x3
    Bayfair/Baypark roundabout (new roading stretch) x2
  • Baypark Roundabout x2
  • Baypark Stadium (SH2) x10
  • TePuke x5

Digital Sites

There are currently 8 illuminated digital billboard sites around town with more to come – these generally rotate your ad every 8 seconds with 6 slots – this is an excellent option if you are wanting to advertise an event or product short term (daily and weekly rates are offered).

All site locations:
  • Bethlehem x1
  • 11th Ave x1
  • Hewletts Road Flyover x3
  • Hewletts Road (under flyover) x1
  • Hewletts Road (by RV Mega) x1
  • Mount Maunganui (entrance of town) x1

Charities & Community

We offer our charities and community events a *special rate on our billboards and digital sites upon site availability.

Buses & Trailers

Backs of buses

There is plenty of bus-backs available (specific bus routes are not able to be chosen as the depot can send buses to different area’s on a daily basis) a great way to compliment your existing advertising.


Mobile Billboard Trailer

Our trailer frame is a standard 6 x 3 metres so good to re-use a skin here. If you have land or want to tow around for a promotion, a great way to advertise.

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